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Utah II

Christopher Lisle - Utah

Made it back to Utah in May and got to explore some new areas. I had lived here as a ski bum in 2007 – 2009 and although had a passion for hiking/ski touring never had the opportunity to explore Utah asides from the Wasatch mountain range. Spent one day going to the Antelope Island State Park and Bonneville Salt Flats. A day filled with storms passing the mountains and clear skies to the West. Of course it was still snowing in mid-may so a few of the mountain hikes I had looked into were still pretty rough hiking wise. Decided to do Grandeur Peak right outside of SLC – A pretty hike but a little too ‘urban’ to feel like a day in the woods. We had enough time to do another short hike up Big Cottonwood canyon where we were treated with breaking blue skies, clouds and some light snow flurries – Spring in the mountains.

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