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Salmonberry hiking trail (closed)

After the December 2007 Great Coastal Gale the Salmonberry track which has been in operation since the 1920’s closed due to extensive storm damage on the old bridge infrastructure. From 2008 to 2016 the trail was open to the public for hiking but as the track deteriorated the land still owned by the rail company decided to close access.

You can still access the Salmonberry Canyon by hiking down the North Fork Salmonberry Road or Beaver Slide Road, but you can’t hike the route of the railroad. Plans are being considered to construct a hiking/biking trail through the canyon with the involvement of Oregon State Parks, but these are in the exploratory stages only.” (wiki)

Numerous bridges, tunnels and even a zipline leading to a remote cabin with relatively no elevation gain the Salmonberry track is a sleepy experience.

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