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Skateboard cutting boards

Cutting Blocks made out of old skateboards

Started with cleaning out the garage and a pile of 40 or so old skateboards from my roommate who was a coach for awhile and would hold onto all the kids old skate decks. There is a bunch of info online about how to work with old skate decks if interested in creating something to this order. These sculptures are very impressive by Haroshi.

  1. The basic approach is to first remove the grip tape, using a combo of hair dryer to heat the grip tape up and a razor blade to help peel is the general concept. Try and remove grip-tape as one large sheet, depending on age/abuse some are easier then others…
  2. Using a circular saw cut off the nose/tail of the boards past the truck bolt holes. Rip remaining center into strips, I ripped mine at 1.25 inches accounting for sanding.
  3. Roughen both top and bottom of board with sandpaper and then apply glue and clamp. Because of the convex shape of the boards I did a dry run previously trying to align interesting colors and match concaves to reduce gaps during gluing/clamping.
  4. Leave clamped for 24/48 hrs – clean up glued surface using a belt-sander.
  5. With the circular saw again cut off the edges of the glued boards to reveal the layered wood colors and finish sand.

By no means was I in a rush during this project but with 40 decks as raw material and only 5 steps to explain the process it definitely took some time.

Here are 2 videos of another project that took a little time!

Cuba Skate Time-lapse from Christopher Lisle on Vimeo.

CUBASKATE X LISLE from Christopher Lisle on Vimeo.

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